Dubai Ruler relieves Al Ahli Sports Club chairman and board of its service

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has issued a resolution relieving — with immediate effect — the chairman and members of the board of the Al Ahli Sports Club in Dubai.

They were also relieved from other affiliated companies of the club and those under its supervision.

Sheikh Mohammed has set up an interim committee which will have the authority to manage and regulate affairs of the club, Ahli and all other assets and investment.

The committee will be chaired by Khalifa Seed Sulieman, who will define the powers and functions of the members.

According to the resolution, the committee, whose term is set at six months, may seek assistance from whoever it sees fit, if necessary.

The resolution sets out the terms of reference of the committee as per regulations and policies approved by the board in addition to working regulations in the club and the company.

This will be achieved in coordination with the board.

Under its mandate, the committee will manage the banking accounts and contracts of the club and company and other club’s subsidiaries or those under its supervision.

It will also represent the club and company in their relations with other bodies, formulate subcommittees and work teams — either from its members or outside — to help it discharge its duties, perform all tasks and functions with regards to obligations and rights of the club and company in their relations with other sports institutions and take necessary actions on them, approve regulations, rules and resolutions that aim to develop work in the club and company.

The mandate also includes any other tasks assigned to it by chairman and the board that will enable the committee to discharge its duties and functions under this resolution.

The resolution urged all persons including former members of the board, employees at the club, company and subsidiaries to fully cooperate with the committee and refer to it in regards with its functions and powers and provide it with whatever necessary to do its job properly.

The resolution also called on the committee to submit a periodic report to the chairman of the club and board on its works, achievements, decisions ad recommendations as well as challenges facing it and solutions that it deems suitable to address them.

The resolution, which took affect from Saturday, abolishes any provision or resolution that contradicts its provisions.